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The Complete 6 New Chapters of SuperStructureTrading from Ken W. Chow

  • 3 simple steps to a profitable trade- make money trading accurately and confidently
  • 6 easy-to-read chapters – explaining all the steps clearly so you can pick highs and lows with confidence
  • FREE Bonus Video Companion covering all 6 chapters including over 90 charts- so you learn easily and quickly to make money trading
  • The one powerful price pattern all Ken’s students swear by- how they make consistent profits trading real time in all markets
  • Why “Trend Strength” is more reliable than “lagging indicators” for predicting market movement with confidence
  • How to properly use “Trend Strength” information-read the directional bias of any market accurately
  • Only need to use 3 powerful Fibonacci Combos- simplicity and precision trading with Fibonacci at last
  • “Weakening Trend Strength” patterns- why they are so important for entering and exiting the market